Our History

Our Mission Statement

And this from our audience...

Our Mission Statement


Our mission as the Chamber Players is two-fold. First, to provide opportunity for local citizens to discover and develop their own talent within the theatre arts curriculum. Second, to provide our underserved, rural community with a quality cultural arts experience utilizing the talent of local individuals from all walks of life.    

Our Story

And this from our audience...

Our Mission Statement


In February of 1991, a  meeting was held to ask if there was any interest in community theatre and to discuss the possibility of staging a production. As a result, three performances of "The Curious Savage" were held in July 1991.  This event was made possible by the financial support of many individuals and local businesses, the Methodist Church of Garnett for the location, a director,11 actors, and many volunteers who helped sell out 3 shows and 300 tickets. 

With the success of "Savage" and the approval of our community, we produced "Arsenic and Old Lace" for three nights in August of 1992. It would take 30 months and a Kansas Arts Commission grant to produce our third show, "A Bad Year for Tomatoes", in February 1995.  A second show that same year meant we had picked up momentum.  And how! In the ensuing years, we bounced from one venue to another - seven different "borrowed" locations in all.  

In 2003, with a $5,000 donation from Thelma Moore (see photo, above, with founding member Gary Stapp), we began a building fund.  In November 2007, we purchased the historic building that had been The United Presbyterian Church and transformed it into a theater: The Thelma Moore Community Playhouse.

 In March, 2014, the Chamber Players purchased land for our future home "On The Square" in Garnett. Planning is underway now.  Watch this site for updates as we build our dream home!    

And this from our audience...

And this from our audience...

And this from our audience...


"I wanted to tell you how much my family and I enjoyed the show (Steel Magnolias)!! I have watched the play before and thought it was 'so-so'.......but you guys were AMAZING!  I was moved to tears in the last scene. I simply enjoyed every moment of the evening!"  -  Marilyn Peine, Garnett   

"I've been to the New Dinner Theatre in Kansas City. I've gone to Branson for years. I have seen shows all over the country. But this is my first time to Garnett and this show (Fashionably Late) is the best show I've ever seen in my life!"  -  Donald Lockaby, Pomona 

 A perfect comedy team! It was hilarious!" (Greater Tuna)  -  Carol Hermreck, Garnett 

 "I laughed until my cheeks hurt! And the ending was the most innovative and creative finale I've ever seen in theatre." (Fashionably Late)  -  Tamara Campbell, Burlington, KS

"The Chamber Players are a goldmine of talent.  Magnificent!" (When Bullfrogs Sing Opera)  -  Lloyd Switzer, Ottawa, KS 

"Outstanding!" (The Trouble With Cats)  -  Rev. Steve Bubna, Colony, KS 

"We loved it! My husband, who has been to theatre in Kansas City, says there's no comparison. The Chamber Players are more fun!" (Desperate Ambrose)  -  Kay Katzer, Centerville, KS 

"It made me laugh. It made me cry. I loved it!"(Daddy's Girl)  -  Pam McSwane, Garnett 

"Absolutely Wonderful!" (Family Ties & Little White Lies)  -  Carol Foltz, Garnett 

"As season ticket holders to the New Theatre Restaurant in Overland Park, it is very rare that we see shows as good as presented by the Chamber Players."   -  Don Keith, Garnett  

"They say that laughter extends your life. After watching this play, (The Trouble With Cats) I should live to be 100!"  -  Cheri Peine, Garnett 

"You guys are the best! It has to take a lot of dedication and effort to entertain us!" (The Taming of Judge Roy Bean)  -  Kathy Wittman, Garnett 

"Congratulations on a terrific performance!". Garnett is lucky to have the Chamber Players."   (Doctor Jeckyll, No Place to Hyde)  - Paul Massey, Garnett 

"It was wonderful! My husband was still laughing after we got home!" (Love Thy Neighbor)  -  Nancy Horn, Garnett 

"The cast did an incredible job...my wife and I have a full schedule of entertainment this month including a night at the New Dinner Theatre, a community play, and a high school play. When all is said and done, I fully anticipate that Fashionably Late will remain the highlight of March for Marla and I."  -  Jarrod Youk, Paola 

"The Chamber Players are 'Big Time', small-town theatre!  They should take this show to Broadway!"  (Fashionably Late)  -  John Wilson, Garnett 

"The play was amazing!  You had me in stitches the entire time." (Doctor Jeckyll, No Place to Hyde)  -  Dawn Thompson, Lawrence 

"As a resident of Overland Park, my evening with the Chamber Players was incredible entertainment.  On par with any theatre in the city, it exceeded my expectations and was a worthwhile drive!" (Rumors)  -  Mollie Haney, Overland Park, KS 

"Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!  You guys were fabulous!" (Rumors)  -  Sally Crane, Garnett, KS

 "My husband and I saw Rumors at the New Theatre in Overland Park. Then we saw the Chamber Players' production. Then saw Rumors again at the New Theatre.  The Chamber Players' performance of Rumors  was better!"  -  Zella Teter, Garnett, KS

 "A very delightful, humorous, and well-presented comedy. Just a fun way to close a busy day!" (Desperate Ambrose)  -  Rev. Tom Shaffer, Garnett 

"That's the Spirit! was the most professionally performed play I have ever seen done by an amateur group! Marvelous!"- Virginia Herman, Garnett

 "The Chamber Players have us hooked!" (Desperate Ambrose)  -  Speed Elsasser, Garnett 

"It has been a real joy to see our local talent perform the arts. Their labors have always proven to be entertaining and rewarding. Keep the laughs coming!" (The Butler Did It)  -  Craig Cole, Garnett

 "I never laughed so hard in my life!" (Desperate Ambrose)  -  Paul Massey, Garnett 

"As good as Kansas City theater and more fun because we know the cast!" (Acting Rich)  -  Cleta McDonald, Garnett 

"A gem of community theater! What fun!"  -  Betty Mordy, Kansas City 

"The funniest show I've seen! The cast was perfect. They could take this show anywhere and it would be a hit!" (Love Thy Neighbor)  -  John Wilson, Paola 

"Everyone was just perfectly cast! Excellent as always!" (Love Thy Neighbor) - B.J. Stewart, Garnett

 "The show was excellent! We thoroughly enjoyed it. My friend from Burlington insists that I invite her to the next one too!" (Daddy's Girl)  -  Deanna Wolken, Garnett 

"I laughed so much, I was ashamed of myself. I really enjoyed the show!" (A Bad Year for Tomatoes)  -  Thelma Moore, Garnett 

"We have very much enjoyed the Garnett Chamber Players talents-especially the dinner theater where we had the opportunity to meet the characters of the evening performance during the graciously presented meal."  -  Wayne & Bev Smith, Waverly

 "We are very fortunate to have such a talented group of performers for a town the size of Garnett. I look forward to every new production!"  -  Carol Foltz, Garnett 

"Being used to the Topeka Civic Theatre's high quality performances, I didn't know what to expect. I was in for a shock! It was fantastic!  It was funny and entertaining. Thanks to the Kansas Arts Commission for helping fund this production." (Love Thy Neighbor)  -  Maggie Kelley, Topeka, KS

 "I've never been disappointed with the Chamber Players talent. The plays seem to get better every time!"  -  Molly Hoffman, Garnett 

"The laughs kept rolling one after another, after another, after another.  Fantastic show!"  -  Kipp Ochsner, Overland Park, KS