Purchasing Tickets


Reserve Your Seats


Theatre members are welcome to reserve their seats for any of our shows 365 days a year. (Subject to space limitations.)


Not a member of The Chamber Players? Click the button below for membership information. Non-members may purchase tickets beginning 2 weeks before the opening date of each show.


Scroll  down to send us an email reservation request or to call/text your request.


Season tickets for our 30th Season (2020-21) can be purchased for $88 each from June 1 through August 30, 2020 and include all 4 dinner theatre productions. 

Single-Show Ticket Prices

Adult Tickets: $24 (tax included)

K-12 Student Tickets: $20 (tax included)

Cash & Checks gladly accepted. 


  • March 2, 2020 - "2 Across"
  • May 18, 2020 - "If It's Monday, This Must Be Murder"

Children and the Theater

We love kids! We have dozens of our own, in fact. So we know that it's tough for a kid to sit still for 3+ hours - the typical dinner theatre evening. While we welcome children who have completed kindergarten, we trust each family to know which child might enjoy our entertainment and to research which of our shows might be appropriate for each child.

In the event a disturbance occurs, for the benefit of the actors on stage and your fellow audience members, we request that children please remove their disruptive parent until the disturbance passes.


In the event your tickets cannot be used, contact the theater. While cash refunds are not available, we will attempt to re-sell your tickets for you. If successful, we will give you a gift certificate - valid for five years- for each re-sold ticket.