Upcoming Auditions

December 11 & 12, 7 PM in the Theater

Playwright & Director Gary Stapp will hold auditions for his latest comedy, "Saint Peter's Escort Service, LLC" on Tuesday, December 11 & Wednesday, December 12 at 7 pm in the Thelma Moore Community Playhouse at 140 W. 5th Ave. in Garnett.

The Story

When entering the afterlife, it's helpful to have an experienced guide. Stella and Cessal are such guides and competitors, of a sort. The witty frenemies engage in the age-old conflict of Good vs. Evil as they roll out their respective red csrpets for new Eternal Home tenants.

Stella is a competent and compassionate employee of St. Peter and constantly at odds with her rival, Cessal-  a vain, deceitful, egotistical, sexist front man for the Dark Prince. When a giggly, over-enthusiastic apprentice is assigned to Stella, her st ress level skyrockets. But ever the consummate professional, she soldiers on, registering the long line of newly deceased residents.

Though dead, the registrants have colorful and challenging personalities:

  • an aspiring dancer with an unfortunate name
  • an impatient senator certain of her destination
  • and a man who goes AWOL to avoid spending eternity with his previously-deceased wife.

Confrontation and chaos are the order of the day until ultimately a promotion and a demotion shake things up around the pearly gaotes.  And Saint Peter's Escort Service will never be the same.


Stella, any age but older preferred4

Cessal, any age

Toni, ditzy, animated escort apprentice, ideally younger

Petra, seriously mannered, perfectly coiffed and sexily dressed envoy of the Dark Prince, 

Tessa, young socialite, self-centered, unlikeable

Annette, humble young woman with manners

William Williams, kindly old man

John Doe, middle-aged man with questionable morals

Martha May Tooley, sweet elderly lady

Donna Atchour, 30-something dancer lacking in talent and manners

Clarence O'Shannon - older man capable of making bad choices

Barbara Czajkowski - any age, cold hearted and impatient

Zinnia Priest - talkative, middle-aged woman, bohemian, attention-grsbbing

Pierre DuBois - French, older, poite man

Molly - 6 years old

Extras: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, employees of Cessal, could be played by one actress

Doubling Options: William & Pierre, John Doe & Clarence O'Shannon, Martha & Zinnia, Donna & Barbara