Upcoming Auditions


April 3 & 4 at 7 pm in the Theater

Directors Les Thomas & Lori Barcus will hold auditions for "It Runs in the Family" by Ray Cooney on April 3 & 4 at 7 pm in the Thelma Moore Community Playhouse at 140 W. 5th Ave. in Garnett.

The Story

Set in a hospital, Dr. Mortimore tries to fend off a paternity suit, an ex-wife, a punk son and various other lunatics so that he may, at last, deliver the Ponsonby Lecture in an international conference.


 * Dr. David Mortimore (Lead) Male, 45-55 a professional, though slightly frazzled, physician
* Dr. Mike Connely (Supporting): Male, 20-35
an exuberant, boyish doctor who loves acting and dressing up; eager to please but is often frenetic.
* Rosemary Mortimore (Supporting): Female, 35-45
Dr. David Mortimore's attractive wife; she is refined, outgoing and pleasant; nothing gets past her.
* Matron (Supporting): Female, 32-57
a no-nonsense type of woman; robust, ample, strict, a rule follower.
* Sir Willoughby Drake (Supporting): Male, 43-75
Chair of the Board of St. Andrew’s Hospital; a stern administrator, and a bit out of touch with what really goes on in the hospital.
* Jane Tate (Lead): Female, 34-47
pretty, likeable former nurse; a good mother, though perhaps overly protective.
* Sister (Supporting): Female, 18-36
incredibly pleasant and efficient nurse at the hospital; no one knows anything about her and everyone constantly forgets she exists.
* Leslie Tate (Lead): Male, 16-22 punk exterior; exudes a constant physical threat, though surprisingly intellectual and emotional; uses very simple logic; excitable.
* Police Sergeant (Supporting): Male, 30-57 practical; down to earth; by the book; no sense of humor.
* Bill Lesley (Supporting): Male, 47-74 eccentric and fun-loving; his self-image is 35 years ago; his brain has short circuited.
* Mother Bonney (Supporting): Female, 50-80 Auntie Mame’s grandmother; always on the verge of throwing a party, though never actually doing so; if it were not for her daily, vigilant efforts, the world would be chaos.