Season 30 is coming soon!

But we can't tell you the show titles just yet.  You might be able to unscramble them, however. Give it a shot, starting with the lead-off show of  Season 30...

unscramble the title of our first show in season 30

It's an anagram of Season 30's opener:


We'll put it on the stage in August, 2020. Can you unscramble its title?


How About Another Season 30 Anagram?

That's not the title of our March, 2021 production, but you could unscramble it to reveal the true title. The answer is coming in just a couple of days. Good luck!



We scrambled the author of our Christmas, 2020 show

Try your hand at this playwright scramble and you'll know who wrote our next holiday production.

Anagram #4


Here's another scrambled Season 30 title - coming to the stage in June, 2021. Good Luck!