Presenting Our 30th Season

We're proud to announce our 30th Season of dinner theatre. Here is our Pearl Anniversary Season on the Gary Ray Stapp Family Stage...


August 20-23 & 28-30, 2020

"The Outsider" by Paul Slade Smith

Ned Newley doesn't even want to be governor. He's terrified of public speaking; his poll numbers are impressively bad. To his ever-supportive Chief of Staff, Ned seems destined to fail. But political consultant Arthur Vance sees things differently: Ned might be the worst candidate to ever run for office. Unless the public is looking for... the worst candidate to ever run for office. 

A timely, hilarious comedy that skewers politics and celebrates democracy.  

Directed by Dennis Richards

 Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc.



December 3-6 & 11-13, 2020

"Decking the Halls with Boughs of Folly"

And you thought YOUR family had issues. Come spend the holidays with ours and you'll run home to hug your own crazy kin!

Directed by Lori Barcus

The latest laugh-out-loud comedy from our favorite playwright, founding member Gary Ray Stapp.


March 18-21 & 26-28, 2021

"Leaving Iowa" by Tim Clue & Spike Manton

The spark behind Leaving Iowa comes from being children of parents from the now dubbed "greatest generation." The story is a toast to their idealism and character and a little roast of their undying dedication to the classic family road trip. More specifically, it is the story of Don Browning, a middle-aged writer, who returns home and decides to finally take his father's ashes to his childhood home, as requested. But when Don discovers Grandma's house is now a grocery store, he begins traveling across Iowa searching for a proper resting place for his father. This father-and-son road trip shifts smoothly from the present to Don's memories of the annual, torturous vacations of his childhood. Don's existential journey leads him to reconcile his past and present at the center of the United States. Leaving Iowa is a postcard to anyone who has ever found himself or herself driving alone on a road, revisiting fond memories of his or her youth.  

Directed by Sydney Normile

Sydney comes to us from Ottawa by way of jolly old England, where she recently completed her studies in Theatre Making. We couldn't be more excited for her Chamber Players directorial debut!


June 3-6 & 11-13, 2021

"Monday Always Leads to Murder" by Pat Cook

"Mr. Monday, I want you to find this artifact," purrs sultry client Courtney Delecroix. "It's a choker worn by King Midas." Harry Monday sizes her up and asks, "You want me to find the Midas Muffler?" And once again, that cliché in a trenchcoat and fedora is off on another case, one which has him trying to solve a 20-year-old murder mystery and write a play about his career at the same time. Harry soon finds himself, as usual, way over his head as chaos swirls around him—a mousy little woman wants Harry to take on a case for her and then officer Brogan rushes in and arrests her; an actor starts masquerading as Harry; a janitor shows up at all the right (or wrong) times; and the curse of a missing gem appears. But our man Harry manages to wisecrack his way through yet another fast-paced, clue-strewn mystery. 

Directed by Les Thomas